About TheTallisman

Nesanel Epstein has been tying Tzitzis since the age of 8.

After graduating High School,

Nesanel learned in various branches of

Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim.

In addition, Nesanel learned the various Minhagim of Tzitzis such as, Ashkinaz, Shephardi, Arizal, Rambam, Sefer Hachinuch, Tosafos and other Minchagi Ticheles. If you do not see your preference please send your query or call The Tallisman.

Nesanel has also carefully studied the Halachos of Tztizis written by the Shulchan Aruch and the Mishna Berurah.

After enhancing people's Tallasim locally, for a number of years,

Nesanel has decided to launch www.thetallisman.com

where he will be accepting Talissim from wherever you are.


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The Tallisman
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​לע"נ העניא פריידע בת מנחם מענדל​​