The Tallisman is the son of the Senior Rabbi of Congregation Sons of Israel in Cherry Hill, NJ.
Nesanel Epstein checks your Tzitzis, makes recommendations, and has the knowledge and ability repair or replace as needed. The fee is very reasonable and the quality of workmanship is A+. You won’t be without your Tallis for long as the turnaround time is minimal.

Steve Edenbaum
Cherry Hill, NJ


ave utilized Nesanel Epstein’s services 3 times reconverting to Techelet tzitzit.  I have wanted to do this for some time but was hesitant to purchase “factory” produced Techelet and wanted to find the “right person” who could be relied upon to perform the work L’shem Mitzah. Nesanel is the man.  His work is precise, timely and moderately priced considering the time and effort expended to get the work finished to his high standard.  I fully recommend him to anyone needing the various services he provides.  Todah Rabah, Nesanel!

Avram Kurlansik
Jerusalem, IL


Nesanel did a beautiful job on both of my Tallitot. He charged a very reasonable price and completed the job very quickly. Nesanel is a talented and dedicated worker, he took the time find out the correct Minhag for my Talit. I’m very happy with his work and I would recommend him to anyone that is looking to get new Tziztit or checked and repaired.

David Chiver
Lakewood, NJ


I "had" a beautiful Tallis that I had purchased in Israel about seven years ago. I always wanted to convert the Tzitzis on the Tallis to Chabad. I had no idea of where to go. Along came the Tallisman and he took care of it for me including having a second hole put on the Tallis itself. He did a great job and it wasn't expensive. Thank you.

Reuven Slurzberg

Philadelphia, PA


Nesanel Epstein at The Tallisman did an excellent job of helping me find an excellent tallit.  He then expertly tied the Techelet from P’til Techelet and shipped everything to me.  He made the whole process easy and smooth.  Would certainly recommend his services.

Andy Koshner
St. Louis, MO


Thank you very much, Nesanel Epstein, for your amazing service with my Tzitzis.
Even living in Brooklyn, there is no one who can tie Techeiles and get it done quickly and correctly. Service was amazing and would recommend to anyone. Thanks!!!

Yechiel Yarmish 
Brooklyn, NY


I would like to comment on the purchase of my new Tallis from the Tasllismsn. It arrived a couple of days after ordering and I have enjoyed it ever since.
He had suggested an appropriate tallis for me which turned out to be the right one.
I strongly recommend that you consult with him to find what suits you.
I am a satisfied customer!

Aaron Lehmann

Fort Lee, NJ


Reb Nesanel, Thank you for preparing my Tallis for Elul and the Chagim. Already my Tefillah is clearer and easier. I will let everyone know how to fix there Tallisim best.
Wishing you אַ גוט געבענטשט יאָר

Joel Kinney
Brookline, MA


A shout out to Nesanel Epstein and his Tallisman repair service for retying my everyday Tallis. Ready for Elul. Very reasonable and very good!

Dan Malamud

Cherry Hill, NJ


היו לי שתי ציציות של צמר שרציתי לזרוק כי הבד של הציציות היה קרוע כמעט לחצי והיה בלתי אפשרי ללבוש אותם מסרתי אותם לנתנאל והוא החזיר לי אותם כמו חדשות

יישר כח

שירות מעולה

 תודה רבה!

 אריק ירימי​ 

Cherry Hill, NJ


Un trabajo rápido y excelente.
Me hizo un tzitzit sefaradi muy barato.

Avraham Chiver
Lakewood, NJ


У Таласман Вы полуцчите быстрый качественый, акуратный сервис.

Sam Salz
Philadelphia, PA


I had two Tzitzis Begodim with old strings and Nesanel did a beautiful job changing them to new strings. He even had the holes reinforced! I was especially happy that the work was being done by a Yarei Shamayim who is knowledgeable of Hilchos Tzitzis. Nesanel enhanced the Hidur mitzvah of my Tzitzis. Thank you Nesanel!

Rabbi Avrohom Harris 
Rosh HaYeshiva, Torah Academy of the Pacific Northwest
Seattle, WA


The Tallisman was absolutely amazing and was tremendously efficient in fixing my Tzitzis

Binyomin Bergstein
Brooklyn, NY


I would like to highly recommend "The Tallisman", I used him to replace the tzitzis on my everyday Tallis and now I have beautiful thick heavy style that I wanted and it was reasonably priced. I am going to use him again in the near future. Very able and knowledgeable young man who will beautify your Tallasim.

Dr. Allen Wollnerman 
Boca Raton, FL



Joachim Rudoler
Atlantic City, NJ


Dear Talisman:
I am writing this E-mail to let you know how happy I am with the work you did. You recently changed my ציצית on my טלית during your recent trip to Houston.
I hope that you will come again soon, since many of my friends would like you to do the same work for them.

Dr. Howerd Feintuch PhD
Houston, TX


I never really realized that my Tzitzis could need repair. I asked Nesanel to inspect my Tzitzis and I was surprised that they needed to be replaced. I have to say he did a really nice job. I would highly recommend him.

Marvin Raab
Cherry Hill, NJ


In yeshiva I wanted to switch out the short Tzitzis for the longer type. Nesanel carefully measured, calculated and went about step by step the addition of the longer strands. This particular Tzitzis lasted much longer than your average Tzitzis and held up to sports and other activities with no knots becoming undone. I wanted to personally thank him for his thorough expertise and craftsmanship.

Eliyahu Scholl
Los Angeles, CA


I love my new Tallis! Nesanal provided great service, a beautiful Tallis and a quick turn-around (completed and shipped in 3 days)

Shmuel Eliwatt
Ramat Bait Shemesh, Israel


From beginning to end Nesanel Epstein of The Tallisman took care of my every day

Tallis Katan/ Tzitzis needs.

If you're looking for excellent service, fair pricing and knowledgeable advice, look no further! 

Yosef Davis 

Pamona, NY

Executive Director,


I just used Nesanel Epstein - The Tallisman, to repair the silver links on my weekday Tallis, as well as fixing the knots on the Tzitzis.
He did an excellent job in a very professional manner.
His prices are very fair, and he is anxious to help you with all you Tallis and Tzitzis needs.
"The Tallisman" also can help you with you Tefillin and other Judaic needs.

Robbie Friedner
Cherry Hill, NJ


Very professional knotting craftsmanship.
Highly recommend.

Dr. Jay Schmulowitz
Cherry Hill, NJ


Thank you so much for changing the Tzitzis on my Tallis.

You did a beautiful job and I am very happy with the work you did.
 I would use you again and recommend you to my friends.

Lee Cohen
Cherry Hill, NJ


I got to watch the Tallisman work! Such a Medakdek and with great skill! These Tzitzit are the most Mehudar I own!
Thanks Tallisman!

David Shalom Emeth
Los Angeles, CA


For your publicity:
Before Shavuot I needed to retie the Tchelet Tzitziyot on a Tallit purchased in Israel in March.  I was referred to The Tallisman, Nesanel Epstein.  Nesanel was very helping me in reviewing the multiple options for tying with Tchellet. Ultimately I chose the Rav Amram Gaon method  which did not require me to buying additional strings. The process involved telephone calls, e-mail and Nesanel’s website. The process of paying online for the work was efficient, and sending it from Texas to New Jersey was simple.  The price was most reasonable. Nesanel was conscientious about tracking the delivery too.  He also gave Halachik advice as needed.   When the Tallit arrived back
I could not have been more pleased with the result.

Martin Kagan
Houston, TX


I highly recommend Nesanel Epstein in connection with any work relating to inspection,
repair and replacement of Tzistzis. He is highly experienced and possesses both the requisite Halachic knowledge and the technical skills for this important work. On the occasions when he has done work for me, I found him to be very responsive and reasonably priced. Most importantly, he produces beautiful and lasting Tzistzis that can be worn for years to come.

David Felder
Cherry Hill, NJ


Nesanel is a consummate professional. An enterprising and entrepreneurial man, his focus is always on how to make the customer not just happy, but totally satisfied. No detail is too small and the care and conscientious manner he brings to every task is the pinnacle of genuine customer service. I wholeheartedly recommend his services.

Dovid Shatz

Cherry Hill, NJ


The replacement of Tzitzis on my Tallis was done skillfully and proficiently in a timely fashion. Thank you so much.

Paul M. Weinberg, M.D

Cherry Hill, NJ


I went to Nesanel to restring my Tallis.
Thanks Nesanel for doing a great job!

Jon Bender 

Chertry Hill, NJ


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